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Donate to Build the Charitable Hospital in Dhandoi

Nestled among the lush green fields of Punjab, India, lies the modest village of Dhandoi. For generations, the hardworking farming families of Dhandoi have lived humble lives grounded in strong community bonds. Though not wealthy in money, they are rich in spirit.

Yet this picturesque community faces immense hardship from lacking access to healthcare. The nearest hospital is 50 km away, making critical care difficult to obtain. Many forego doctor visits due to high transportation costs. Mothers travel miles to deliver babies safely. Preventable illnesses worsen into life-threatening crises.

Now, after suffering without proper medical care for too long, a ray of hope emerges for Dhandoi and the surrounding villages. The MJK Charitable Society Trust, a non-profit serving vulnerable populations, has launched an ambitious project – constructing a fully equipped hospital right in Dhandoi village.

New Punjab Charitable Hospital to Serve Over 20,000 Citizens

Spearheaded by Mr. Baljinder Singh Khehra, a native of Dhandoi, the MJK Trust broke ground on the hospital construction in 2021. When completed, the MJK Punjab Charitable Hospital will provide the 20,000+ residents of Dhandoi and nearby villages their first-ever local facility for comprehensive medical care.

The Dhandoi charitable hospital plans include:

– 20 patient beds
– Emergency and surgical rooms
– Maternity and pediatric wards
– Diagnostic laboratories
– Pharmacy and outpatient care
– Ambulance services

As a charitable hospital, the poorest patients will receive free or subsidized treatment. More affluent locals can pay nominal fees to help sustain operations. No one will be denied care at this non-profit Punjab village hospital.

For generations, this region has needed a healthcare facility like the MJK Hospital. With your help, this deserving community can get the life-saving care they need close to home.

Donations Needed for Medical Equipment & Construction

While the charitable mission is noble, the costs are steep. An estimated 15 crore rupees are required to complete construction and medical equipment outfitting. As a small local non-profit, the MJK Trust’s resources are limited.

They need support from donors and aid organizations to fully fund this Dhandoi charitable hospital project. Specific donation needs include:

Medical equipment – cardiac monitors, infant warmers, ventilators, anesthesia machines, etc.

Hospital beds and furniture – to outfit patient rooms, waiting areas, etc.

Building costs – roofing, flooring, plumbing, etc. Still needed.

Staff training – to provide care protocols and proper medical practices.

Every rupee donated helps build and equip this rural Punjab hospital. Donors can target their contributions to the areas that matter most to them – maternal care, pediatrics, medical equipment, etc.

Your Donation Can Save Lives in Rural Punjab

With your charitable contribution, we can profoundly impact thousands of lives for generations. Imagine the following becoming a reality:

  • Expecting mothers safely delivering babies.
  • Children are getting routine immunizations.
  • The elderly receive medications and screenings.
  • Accident victims stabilized before transfers.
  • Anyone getting timely emergency treatment.

Donate to help make quality healthcare a right for the rural villages of Punjab. Together, we can empower Dhandoi to build a brighter future – where no one suffers or dies needlessly.

Even small donations add up to make the MJK Hospital possible. Give now to provide essential healthcare to those in need.

Continue the Legacy of Giving – Donate to the Dhandoi Hospital

Mahatma Gandhi wisely said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

Let us come together in service of this community. With your charitable support, this hospital will rise as a beacon of hope for the region – saving lives today and for generations to come.

Every dollar donated helps build a future where healthcare is not a luxury of the privileged few, but a right for all.

To learn more about the MJK Punjab Charitable Hospital or make a contribution, please visit their website at Support this deserving cause today.

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