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Dhandoi Hospital Construction Gains Media Spotlight

The ambitious initiative to build a charitable hospital in the rural village of Dhandoi, Punjab has recently garnered attention from several prominent local news publications.

Major Punjabi language dailies like Nawan Zamana, Punjab Times and Ajit News Jalandhar have all published coverage spotlighting this inspiring community project.


On December 23, 2022, Nawan Zamana featured a front-page story announcing the commencement of construction on the new hospital undertaken by the MJK Charitable Society Trust.

The article highlighted how this facility will provide 20,000 residents access to comprehensive healthcare near home for the first time. It also called upon more individuals and organizations to support the effort.

A few months later on June 20, 2023, Punjab Times published a piece profiling the man leading the charge, Mr. Baljinder Singh Khehra. As a native of Dhandoi, Mr. Khehra established the MJK Trust to uplift his community after witnessing their health struggles first-hand.

The article chronicled how his perseverance was instrumental in turning the idea of a charitable hospital into reality. Mr. Khehra’s dedication to serving vulnerable populations embodies the spirit of this project.

Most recently on July 15, 2023, Ajit News Jalandhar ran an investigative report on the severe healthcare crisis in Dhandoi prior to the hospital announcement.

Through interviews with residents, it constructed a sobering portrait of expectant mothers delivering in unsafe conditions, elderly forgoing medications, and many preventable deaths. This underscored the urgent need for a hospital to save lives.

Such widespread media coverage shows the public interest in this hospital and highlights the harsh realities it aims to address. This attention can potentially help drive more donations and volunteers to support the cause.

According to MJK Trust Secretary Mr. Baljinder Singh Khehra, they are encouraged by the coverage exposing the realities of the region. He says it validates the need for their charitable work and hopes it inspires more giving.

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